Mitropia : The Mythical Game of Surrounding

Mitropia is a strategic area-control game rooted in the mechanics of the ancient game Go, with surprise elements that make it fun for every player! Use tribal powers, pattern movement cards, special actions, and more to capture the most territory and prisoners on the fields of the Gods.


Mitropia has now reached all its Kickstarter backers and you can find play information on this site, as well as a number of other places:

The Mitropia online store is now also live to buy copies of the game, you can find that at http://store.mitropia.com (United States shipping only). In addition you’ll be able to get the game in a number of other places:

  • Spiele-Offensive in Germany. (Coming soon!)
  • Moria Games in Poland. (Coming soon!)

Latest Manual Versions

The latest manuals and translations are arriving here shortly. For errors and clarifications in manuals / gameplay please see the Errata page.

Retailers & Help

If you’re interested in the retail program for Mitropia, please reach out to us at retailers@timewarp.io.

If you’d like help with anything else please email us at support@timewarp.io.

Thank You!

Thank you to all the amazing supporters and backers that have made Mitropia possible! The Kickstarter campaign is now (almost) complete and we’re working hard to fulfill all those pledges and make an amazing game!

This would not have happened without you..

Thank you from the Timewarp Team!